“The Burg” as those in the know call it.

Where does the name come from when the real castle had already been cut down during the peasant wars and even stood on the other side of the valley?

Well this name is due to the visionary mind of a swabian entrepreneur, from the late 19th century who called this beautiful place „Villa Burg“, which was quite the opposite of the official title which talked about “the desert on the steed mountain”.

And so 200 metres above the Valley of the Rems Valley, the foundation was laid for a place to live for the family Grünenwald/Pfleiderer which lasts until the very day and has been lasting for over a hundred years now seeing how the current family of owners descends from this family still.

Its very capricious history corresponds more or less to the historical turbulences pertinent to the whole 20th century and therefore “the Burg” has so far experienced and seen a lot.

Originally considered as a dreamy summer lodging it had to constantly reinvent itself and that trough times of economic crisis, totalitarianism war and rehabilitation. It had to constantly transform and reinvent itself. So the place was already a Maternal Convalescence home, recreation home and a Goetheinstitute.

Through the crucial dedication of the long-time managing director, Dr. Iris Kindt, the American Stanford University moved its overseas campus to the mountain, with 80 students in the semester 1958 to 1974 and so and until then unknown perceived “exotic”accent filled the valley.

When the Stanford university decided to let go of its Euopean branches, there needed to be a structural and strategical reorientation which happened under the close collaboration of Dr. Iris Kindt and her daughter, Dorothea Kindt, today's managing director. This was achieved trough the continuous extensions and rebuilding processes over the years which transformed the hotel to what it is today. A hotel of a unique kind. A place to meet and concentrate on matters. A place to feel like home, to feel at ease to celebrate and to recharge.

Das Restaurant auf dem Landgut Burg Das Restaurant auf dem Landgut Burg Das Restaurant auf dem Landgut Burg Das Restaurant auf dem Landgut Burg

Since 1908

From a recreation home, Maternal Convalescence home and an Institute of education – to a Hotel, Restaurant and Café.

Das Restaurant auf dem Landgut Burg Das Restaurant auf dem Landgut Burg